Ready to Rope

The Ready to Ropes (Ropers) have horns that are at or past the ears. All Ropers are marketed as fresh, never been roped, unless otherwise specified.

Location: Las Cruces NM
Shipping Point: NM Hay & Livestock Grow Yard
Number: 45 head Ready to rope   25 Heifers, 20 steers/bulls
Breed: Corriente/Corriente Longhorn Crosses
Origin: Ranch Raised plus calves from local ranches
Age: yearlings
Est. Weight: 400-425
Frame: Medium to Large
Condition: Moderate Flesh
Vaccinations: Covexin 8, Bovashield Gold FP5 LP5
Horns: Ear to Past Year
Bred To: N/A
Preg-Checked: N/A
Calving Period: N/A
Delivery Date: Available now
Sell Part or All: 20 head minimum
Price: Steers/Bulls $650   Heifers $675
Weighing Conditions: N/A
Payment Terms: Certified Funds and/or Bank verified Check
Summary:  All cattle ready to rope, all fresh and looking for a job!

For corriente cattle sales, leasing, or roping events please contact us: