Corriente Potentials Cattle for Sale

Our Corriente Calves are less than half of ear to more than half of ear and are backgrounded – This includes vaccination, de-worming, and weaning. We sell Potentials in two different groups – Less than half of ear and more than half of ear.

Location: Las Cruces NM
Shipping Point: NM Hay & Livestock Grow Yard
Number: 120 Head  60 steers/bulls, 60 Heifers
Breed: Corriente, few Corriente Longhorn Crosses
Age: Yearlings
Est. Weight: 375-400
Frame: small
Condition: 45 days weaned good flesh
Vaccinations: Covexin 8, Bovashield Gold FP5 LP5
Horns: 1/2 to 3/4 horns
Delivery Date: Available now
Sell Part or All: Sets of 20 or more
Price: Steers/Bulls $575     Heifers $600
Payment Terms: Certified Funds and/or Bank verified Check
Summary:  All Potentials weaned 60 days. Great calves ready to go Between March-May

For corriente cattle sales, leasing, or roping events please contact us: