Individual Bales of Alfalfa and/or Grass

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Individual bales for delivery or pick up. Our small bale product line includes small individual bales ranging from 55-65 lbs. that are specifically grown for consumers who require smaller bales for easier handling. Our small individual bales are sold by the bale. Contact Us Now [...]

Large Orders and 1 Ton Bales

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For Large Scale Operations For equine and cattle operations that require premium hay but prefer feeding large bales, New Mexico Hay and Livestock can supply you with large bales without compromising the quality of hay you require for your operation. Contact Us Now!

Grass and Cow Hay

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Whether you're a rancher, stock contractor, or just have a few roping steers, New Mexico Hay and Livestock Company can also supply you with affordable hay and sudangrass that suits your operation and budget. Contact Us Now!