Project Description

Corriente Cows Cattle for Sale

We have Corriente Calves year-round! We sell them in bunches of 10 to full loads. A health certificate is provided for all cattle, and all cattle are palpated, ear tagged, and aged.

Location: Las Cruces NM
Shipping Point: NM Hay & Livestock Grow Yard
Number: 525 Head
Breed: Corriente, Corriente/Longhorn crosses, few Longhorns
Origin: New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas Cattle on ranch 3 months to 2 years
Age: 2-9 years plus
Est. Weight: 700-900
Frame: Small
Condition: Good Flesh, Pairs and Older cows slightly thin put strong
Vaccinations: Covexin 8, Bovashield Gold FP5 LP5
Horns: Horned, few dehorned Corrientes
Bred To: Corrientes and Charlois Bulls
Preg-Checked: Palpating now and over next 30 days
Calving Period: Summer through early fall
Delivery Date: Available now
Sell Part or All: Gate-Cut Truck Load Lots… 48,000 lbs…
Price: $775-$1100
Shipping Conditions: All cattle will be gathered sorted and inventoried prior to shipping.
Payment Terms: Certified Funds and/or Bank verified Check
Summary:  All cattle have been wormed, ear tagged, and palpated. Cattle priced as follows:

1st trimester cows:  $775-$800 (200-250)

2nd trimester cows: $825-$875  (150-200)

3rd trimester cows  $900-$950 (100-150)

Pairs:   $975-$1100 (100 pairs)

For corriente cattle sales, leasing, or roping events please contact us: