Project Description


Our Product

At New Mexico Hay & Livestock Company, our primary crop is Alfalfa. We market our alfalfa primarily to the equine industry. From the race horse industry to reining and team roping, we take great pride in producing quality alfalfa that meets the performance and nutritional expectations of our clients.

Our Process

Small bales

Our 2 strand alfalfa small bales are marketed in single bales as well as in bundles bundle. The bundles consist of 14 small bales to a bundle and allow NMHAY to load and deliver large quantities of small bales locally and across the United States. We do our best to produce uniform small bales that weigh between 60-70 lbs. when baled.

Large Bales

Our large bales are 3x3x8, often referred to as 3×3’s. These 3×3’s are becoming more popular and are sold by the bale or by the ton. These bales weigh between 750-950 lbs. depending on baling conditions. Our clients include equine facilities, feed stores, cattle operations, and exotic hunting ranches

New Mexico Alfalfa